Military Houses for Sale or Rent in Oregon by Owner

If you are looking for military housing in Oregon, then we can help you find the best military homes for sale or rent in Oregon.  Military Real Estate is your source for relocation information, rental information and home purchase information for properties located around the many military bases nationwide. Our partners have realtors and property managers with experience working directly with military members, as well as expertise in the VA loan process.

Military Bases in Oregon

There are two Air Force Bases, one Army Bases and one Coast Guard Bases in Oregon

Air Force Bases

1. Kingstey Field Air Force

2. Portland International Airport Air Force

Army Bases

1. Umatilla Army Depot Army

Coast Guard Bases

1. AIRSTA North Benda Coast Guard

Buying a Military House in Oregon

Are you being stationed in Oregon for the next military move? Then, you might be thinking of buying a new home for you and your family in a friendly location. Well, don’t worry because we help you explore the different housing options available near your military bases. Just open our website, search for the location you are searching home in and view different “military homes for sale in Oregon” listings by owners and well as the agents. You can check the locality, neighborhood, nearby markets, schools, hospitals etc to make sure that you and your family receives all basic privileges that are required.

Renting a Military House in Oregon

If you don’t want to invest into buying a new military home, you must consider the renting option. There are many military home rentals in Oregon. Location is one of the most important elements of investing success, but it can be tricky for novices to pick metro areas that will offer consistent growth and strong returns on their investment. Nearby military bases provide one clue to a city’s investment potential.