Buy or Rent a Military Home in New York 

Do you need to relocate to New York for your next military assignment? Then you might be dreaded with the idea of moving to a whole new location with your family. We completely understand that life of a military family is not easy at all because it involves continuous relocation. And finding a suitable home for your family’s needs is definitely not straightforward, especially on the short notice. Therefore, this overall process can be quite daunting and we strive to make it easier for you.

Military Bases in New York

There are four army bases, one air force base, and one Navy Base in New York as listed below:

Army Bases


  • Fort Drum
  • Fort Hamilton
  • US Military Academy
  • Watervliet Arsenal


Navy Base


  • Saratoga Springs NSU


Air Force Base


  • Niagara Falls Air Reserve Base


If you are being stationed in any of these military bases in New York, we will help you find the affordable military property for sale or rent on our website.

Finding the Best Military Home for Sale or Rent in New York

We, at Military Real Estate, help you find the military houses for rent and sale according to your specific requirements and budget. You can check the crucial property details like neighborhood, distance from the main cities, nearby schools, hospitals, and market. It is very important for you to ensure complete comfort and conveniences to your family. Therefore, we invite you to check out different listings of military houses on our website and choose the best one wisely.

All the military house rentals listed on our website are designed in a way to provide you all basic luxuries and amenities required.

So, next time you want to find the best Military Home for sale or rent in New York or other states of US, don’t forget to check our website.

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